Lavender and Honey

“What’s that look for?”“Huh?”Don’t look away. I swallowed, trying to wedge open the back of my closing throat with my spit. Dear lord, her voice is lethal. I clenched my jaw, keeping my mouth from hanging open in awe, dumbfound by the creation that sat in front of me. The wooden bench she sat on […]

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Even the sunflowers wilted, the sun had never craved attention quite so bad before. Priests had long since abandoned their faith leaving most churches bare, eerily silent and cold. The love had vanished from the structure. Dogs dropped like flies in the roads, some were even still alive. Birds learned to walk more, it was […]

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Ghost of You

I remember it, The room was dimly lit, And the small blue lamp in the corner of her nightstand, It seemed to flicker with every heartbeat. It was so quiet and calming there, I found myself lost in thought almost instantly. My thoughts were of her of course, Filled with her smile and her giggle. […]

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Hidden Feelings

Class was too boring, too dull, too ordinary. But he wasn’t. I lay my cheek in my palm with my elbow propped up on the desk. I had a window seat, lucky me. I could have looked out into the courtyard of that school and gotten lost in my own thoughts, counting blades of grass […]

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Abecedarian Poem

Eyes A lot can be learnedby watching someones eyescollect the room around them, thedust, the light, personal belongings, just… things.Even if you aren’t looking, not really.Forgive me but Igotta ask,how long has it been since you’ve looked at a person? Anin-depth inspection of all that they are.Just like this room, look into their eyes and […]

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