About Me

“You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you”

You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Loves You
James Arthur

Welcome to my blog; home to all things creative! 🙂

A little about 4am and why I named my blog after it:

Every teenager developed insomnia, some worse than others. Even now as a high schooler you can find me staying up far past midnight. This inspired the name, for all the other insomniacs who want some late night, melancholy reading.

Although this blog is anonymous and I won’t be posting my name I can still tell my story!

Growing up I had always loved my English classes and after learning to read went through my entire bookcase… multiple times. It wasn’t long before I was writing my own books and found my passion of short stories. I like writing imagery heavy short stories that are vague enough to be interpreted in numerous ways. Mystery has always been attractive to me.

Before I learned to read I would constantly ask to be read to, my most common victim was my grandpa. I would sit in his lap for hours as he read me Disney stories, Dr. Suess, and many other various children’s tales like peter rabbit and the giving tree. I loved reading books with him. He still jokes about the silly things I would say or how I would read him a book if he refused.

Apart from writing, there are many other creative hobbies I am interested in. Such as music, home design, and photography. Currently, I know the piano and the guitar and hope to someday soon learn the violin. Every now and then I find joy in playing video games, one of which was sims, specifically sims 4. Just as much time I spent playing the game I would spend just as much, if not double the time, building houses and decorating rooms. You may see some of these hobbies show up in my blog.

“And I’ve got a lot left to learn, babe”