Ghost of You

Original Photo

I remember it,
The room was dimly lit,
And the small blue lamp in the corner of her nightstand,
It seemed to flicker with every heartbeat.
It was so quiet and calming there,
I found myself lost in thought almost instantly.
My thoughts were of her of course,
Filled with her smile and her giggle.
She was laying on her bed,
Her lightweight barely even leaving an imprint,
In the pillow top mattress she slept on.
But the sheets scrunched up around her just the same.
She held a book in her hand
And did that thing I love,
Where she put her long, painted, thumb nail,
Between her teeth.
I wanted to lay next to her,
And read each page with her,
Go back to how it was when we were kids.
Instead I sat down in her desk chair,
And turned it back and forth,
Watching her come and go from my vision.
She didn’t turn her head,
Or seem to notice me at all.
But the edge of her eye had her bright, brown eyed pupil,
Giving me that familiar,
Sideways glance.
That only I could sense.
And a bubbly grin hidden behind her hand.
That could easily go unnoticed.
This was no fake smile,
It was real,
You could see it, in her eyes.
The way her cheeks rose and the corners of her eyes crinkled.
I leaned backwards and rested the back of my neck on the chair,
Watching the wooden ceiling fan
As it spun,
And around.
I felt just like the fan.
Going in an endless circle.
But I didn’t mind, as long as,
She spun beside me.


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