Abecedarian Poem


A lot can be learned
by watching someones eyes
collect the room around them, the
dust, the light, personal belongings, just… things.
Even if you aren’t looking, not really.
Forgive me but I
gotta ask,
how long has it been since you’ve looked at a person? An
in-depth inspection of all that they are.
Just like this room, look into their eyes and devour them
Keep their secrets and don’t
let them out because the
minute someone trusts you enough to
not look away
once they get scared,
pulling away nervously
Quivering and unwilling to give themselves away.
Right in that moment, two become one.
Stronger than any hero yet more fragile
than a thin strip of ice.
Ultimately, sometime in your
very busy schedule and your complicated mind I wonder
where I could fit in, if I could read right through you. Take an
X-ray of your heart and hope
you don’t run like a wounded
Zebra from a lion.

Writers Reflection:

This poem is called an abecedarian poem, it is also known as an abc poem. Each line follows the alphabet. Over the month of April our creative writing class wrote 30 daily poems for national poetry writing month. This poem was one out of 30 that I decided to post on my blog. The night before I wrote this poem I had found some inspiration in a late night song I had heard randomly come up on my spotify radio. It was about 1am and I was laying in my bed with my laptop and its cord strewn lazily over my comforter. I’m pretty sure the cord was wrapped around and entangled in the blanket. I was just laying and thinking with the music in the background to fill the silence, a big fear of mine, I didn’t exactly plan on paying attention. Until…


The artists name is Mitch Welling and his voice was enough to bring me out of my 1am deep thoughts spiral to listen to the masterpiece of this song. The amount of raw emotion and feeling within this moved me and I had to make something of my own with that much emotion. I am very grateful to Mitch and his unnoticed song that brought me from heavy emotions to feeling light and inspired.

All in all this has been quite an experience for me. I never liked poetry before but after being challenged (forced) to write one every day I’ve swallowed enough rhymes and metaphors to appreciate the raw, and personal expression that is poetry. There is no hiding behind a character like a short story, poetry is the author. Plain and simple the poet is the creator and all the emotions and flaws and insecurities are in plain sight.

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