Tragic Sunrise

What a gorgeous view,
the sunset on the water,
watch how the brilliant vibrancy of the suns rays light up the sky and glitter on the water’s glass surface like your name in lights.

The smooth and calming waves finding that gentle rhythm as the wind brushes past your ears.

The clouds fill with color and sway around the sun like a crowd parting for a global celebrity.

Couples watch and kiss on the sand as the sun drops lower and loser.

Then the darkness sets in and the night emerges from its hiding place replacing the warmth and the glow of the day.

The vibrant scene before you turns to grey and the waves begin to still.

The clouds lose their alluring luster and scatter in the twilight,
spreading like stage curtains.

Behind them,
stars of infinite curiosity appear on the newfound stage drawing you in to stare.

The once energetic couples flee the shore for the sweet release of rest,
holding off saying goodbye like it’s the last time they will meet.

They walk barefoot to their homes on the rapidly cooling sand.

The blackbirds and robins finish their songs as the night falls and the calming serenity and humble moon cascade over the landscape.


Broken people are tragically beautiful. If you’ll take a chance, won’t you hold my hand to see how it fits in mine?


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