End of the Line

Final Post? My Creative Writing class of 2019 has ended, this is the last day. I will be continuing the blog but the progress will be slow, expect only one or two posts a month, most likely a short story or a poem from my newfound enjoyment of the genre. I’ll also be posting book […]

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Online Journal: Final project

Far too many writers never get their thoughts down on paper. I am one of the lucky few who was given the opportunity to take a writing class that changed that. Of course, I wrote before, little short stories here and there that were never given an ending. A whole lot of beginnings in a […]

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Practiced Anxiety

I wrote a PlayScript! Check it out here. Formatting a PlayScript is frustratingly difficult on the wordpress posts so my creative writing class wrote them out on google docs, avoiding all the issues. 🙂

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