50-Word Story

“Don’t Look through a Broken glass” Original Photo Her glasses cracked, her eyes down, staring hopelessly at the ground. No use in grabbing her attention, I doubt she’ll ever care, that look’s so far away, all she can do is stare. Her mind’s gone, fogged over and dazed, those shattered lenses weren’t the only thing […]


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The Purple Forest

Walking with his warm hand in mine, his thumb rubbing my own, and bare feet. We alternated squeezing the others palm soothingly, enjoying the touch between us. We wandered with no vigor, no place we’d rather be, stealing coy glances at each other and yet avoiding eye contact, snapping our gazes to the path shyly […]

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Tragic Sunrise

What a gorgeous view, the sunset on the water, watch how the brilliant vibrancy of the suns rays light up the sky and glitter on the water’s glass surface like your name in lights. The smooth and calming waves finding that gentle rhythm as the wind brushes past your ears. The clouds fill with color […]

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Fairytale Made by Mice

“Oh it is a lovely world, a lovely, dark world.” THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX KATE DICAMILLO A classic fairytale, a heartwarming romance, an animal lovers dream, Kate DiCamillo’s fantasy fiction story is a lovely read. It follows Despereaux Tilling as the main character featured on the cover of the book. Get the book! click here “There […]

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