24 Hours

“You got the letter too, huh?”“Yea…”Silence fell over us like snow in winter. I glanced down at her trembling hand and noticed her lip quiver. I could tell she was thinking, so the quiet wasn’t awkward like it would be on a date. I let us sit, not wanting to interrupt her thoughts. I think […]

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50-Word Story

“Don’t Look through a Broken glass” Original Photo Her glasses cracked, her eyes down, staring hopelessly at the ground. No use in grabbing her attention, I doubt she’ll ever care, that look’s so far away, all she can do is stare. Her mind’s gone, fogged over and dazed, those shattered lenses weren’t the only thing […]

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The Purple Forest

Walking with his warm hand in mine, his thumb rubbing my own, and bare feet. We alternated squeezing the others palm soothingly, enjoying the touch between us. We wandered with no vigor, no place we’d rather be, stealing coy glances at each other and yet avoiding eye contact, snapping our gazes to the path shyly […]

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